Pierfrancesco and Ilenia

August 5, 2017
Wedding in Città Sant'Angelo | Photographies by Giovanni Di Gregorio , Lorenzo Mazzocchetti and Paolo Presutti

Here we are in the fateful day! Shooting this wedding has been a genuine fire test for us of McRaw: just say that August 5, 2017, thermometers has risen to the highest temperatures ever recorded in Città Sant’Angelo, 40 degrees! So, dripping with sweat but as impeccable as ever and with our equipments to challenge the soliloon, we accompanied and immortalized the most important day of Pierfrancesco and Ilenia from the morning preparations at the ceremony, until the late-night crazy party. The wonderful couple of newlyweds have been really delightful to our lenses, as well as all the guests in this extraordinary party, which we thank you from the first to the last.

We moved with them, we had fun with them and now we are confident that our photographs will also bring you back to those magical moments. Enjoy the pictures, and remember to leave your comments and share! Thank you, Pierfrancesco e Ilenia!

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