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McRaw Luxury Photography is (⋆⋆⋆) Giovanni, Lorenzo and Paolo. Together, they bring a uniquely creative style of emotional and luxury photography to your wedding celebrations, fashion parties and more.

We deliver high standards.

We come from Abruzzo, Italy. Photography is our passion, capturing light to tell a story is all we like to do. In the works for our customers we share the same commitment, passion and expertise with which we like to photograph our mountains, to make your special moment – whether it's a luxury wedding, a wonderful party or a simple portrait – magnificent and eternal just like them.

A well-assorted trio.

Lorenzo, Giovanni and Paolo. Three friends, three photographers united by deep passion for photographic aesthetics and the quality of the result. Everyone with his own skills and equipment, each with his own feeling, but able to coordinate himself and work together to bring to your eyes an excellent result.

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Tell us what you are doing and we will help you to stop it in time.
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